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Any art is highly personal. I am delighted you have gotten deeply enough into the website to reach the point of asking me a question. Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, even your criticisms. You may have specific questions about an order or just want to share ideas about photography in relation to my images. I will definitely try to respond within a day or so to your comment or question. It has been an honor to have you visit with me on Chuck Strozier Photographs.

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I have devised four general categories in which to organize my pictures in “Chuck Strozier Photographs.” Those categories are Bridges, Nature, Abstractions, and My World. Such groupings are, of course, somewhat arbitrary but serve to distinguish the general areas in which I find myself taking pictures. I love bridges, as they connect us; nature in its haunting potentials; abstractions that force us to question reality; and the curious and mysterious in the world around me.


The bridges around Manhattan always grabbed my attention.


A medium technically able to reproduce reality can distort what we see and turn it into pure abstraction.


Scenes of nature in and near St. Augustine, FL.

My World

This collection of images reflects aspects of the world I encounter.